Dakwah and Communication Faculty, Step to The Future

Sumberpost | Banda Aceh – Now, IAIN Arraniry changed it status became UIN Ar-Raniry by No.64 of President Decission in 2013. By this changing, Dakwah and Communication Faculty will insrease the capability of itself. Not only for lecturer, but for student also. Then, the administration of faculty will change to be better also.


The Dean of Dakwah and Communication Faculty, Mr.  A Rani Usman, said, “By this decision of changing IAIN Arraniry status became UIN Ar-Raniry, so we have to increase our service i

n all sector. It is not only about the lecturer services but about the development of this service also” said Mr A.Rani.Usman a.k.a Mr. Rani

Furthermore, Dakwah and Communication Faculty will be the main of publication, because many students in this faculty have a great talent. They can increase their talent in this Faculty as well as they want. Because our faculty provide many activity to develop their ability.

“Now we have 2 intenational classes,  Arabic and English class, and we will empower all of that. By this reason, we must publish this kind of project to the other. In 2015, our faculty will provide the chinese department. Because in 2015 our alumni who has studied in RRC will back to Dakwah again and teach for Chinese class.”, Mr.Rani added.

Journalist :  Dara shynny

Editor : Qafrawi Reinza | Dofa Muhammad Aliza


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