The Crying Earth

O’ those you are the settlers of the earth
your are the settlers who bring back a new barbarism
you are the settlers who are killing the lives
the lives of whole organism with the skilled brains of yours
with the skilled hands of yours

Hey you there, wait up !
why dont you stare at those cranes pecking mud
but nothing to find

Hey there, you wake up!
why dont you glance up the birds are flying around to feed their little babies
nothing to find, but just a little pip of banana fruit.

Hey damn you, listen up!
these things happend because of you, because of you
now why dont you go and think it over,

Hey you there, look these around you,
look at the crying of little babies,
and disease, along with pain, along with suffering

Think ! think you the authorities,
think it over

Look, you’re superiors
you’ve destroyed my earth
you’ve annihilated my land
you’ve bulldozed my mountains
you’ve eroded my sea and  rivers
you’ve demolished my forest and woods

And look the screaming of poor birds,
the roaring of lions, tigers, elephants, they’re getting wild and wild,
and now you’re killing me too.

Look at that smoke spew out of the factory
hey you there, these things happend because of you,

Look, look again!
the people there, on the sidewalk of the highway,
the beggers  again and over again
they are here and there

Here damn you, damn you the authorities,
i’m going to take you to piles of rubbish, those rubbishes,
look!, the rubbish pickers again and aver again

The poverty here and there,
and now, from now on stop, lets back to the god (Allah).


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